Ballito has many take away, fast food and other casual dining outlets.
Choose between Pizzas or Fish and Chips, Burgers and those famous Chicken Brands.
Ask about a delivery service when placing an order.

Salt Café

Salt Café - Ballito Take Aways

Coffee Shop & Pizza
Confectionery | Light Meals

Wood Fired Pizza

Focaccia                   Olive Oil, Garlic
Olive Oil, Garlic & Mozzarella
Margarita                 Cheese & Tomato
Hawaiian                  Ham & Pineapple
Regina                       Ham & Mushroom
Vegetarian               Roasted Peppers, Mushrooms, Onions, Garlic & Feta
Tropical Bacon        Bacon, Mushroom, Garlic & Pineapple
Salami                       Salami, Roasted Peppers & Chilli
Mexican                    Red Onions, Roasted Peppers, Jalapeno & Mince
Tandoori                   Red Onions, Spicy Peppers, Tandoori Chicken & Garlic
Quattro                     Artichokes, Salami, Mushrooms & Olives
Siciliana                    Anchovies, Capers & Olives
Trio Formaggio        Mozzarella, Feta and Blue Cheese
Spicy Meat               Tandoori Chicken, Salami, Ham & Bacon
BBQ Meat Feast      Salami, Mince, Bacon, Ham,  & BBQ Basting
Bacon & Avo            Bacon, Avo & Feta

Address: 13 Ocean Drive, The corner of Chakas Rock Main Rd & Ocean Drive, Chakas Rock, Ballito
Tel: 032 525 5576

The Fish & Chip Co & Zebro's

The Fish & Chip Co & Zebro's - Ballito Take Aways

Fish & Chip Co brings old England's national food of batter-fried fish paired with huge fries to our shores to satisfy South African appetites.

Zebro's Braaied Chicken - These unique chicken portions are prepared in the traditional South African method of braai, using wood coals to cook the product. This braai chicken taste is enhanced by basting it with a secret family basting and marinade sauce. You want to try this!

Address: Tiffany's Shopping Centre, Salt Rock Main Road, Salt Rock - Umhlali
Tel: 032 525 5785
Website: or


KFC - Ballito Take Aways

Chicken, Burgers and Chips
Fast-food chain known for its buckets of fried chicken, plus wings & sides.

Address: BP Service Station, 9 Ballito Dr, Dolphin Coast
Tel: +27 32 946 3110

Ballito Junction Shop 232 Lower Level
Tel: +27 32 586 0113


Bimbos - Ballito Take Aways

Burgers, Chips, Wraps, Grills, Toasties & Shawarma's
Address: Engen Service Station, 1 Douglas Crowe Dr, Dolphin Coast
Tel: +27 32 946 3339

Debonairs Pizza

Debonairs - Ballito Take Aways

Modern fast-food chain serving classic and speciality pizzas, plus hot subs and soft drinks.

Address: 2, Shell Garage, Main Road & Ballito Drive, Ballito
Tel: +27 32 946 0099

Address: Shop 235 Lower Level, Ballito Junction
Tel: +27 32 5861756


Steers - Ballito Take Aways

Long-running counter-serve chain known for flame-grilled beef burgers and thick, handmade chips.

Address: 931 Douglas Crowe Dr, Ballito
Tel: +27 32 946 2857

Address: Shop 235 Lower Level, Ballito Junction
Tel: +27 32 5861756


Nandos - Ballito Take Aways

Afro-Portuguese chain restaurant serving flame-grilled chicken in spicy chilli sauce.

Address: Ballito Lifestyle Centre, Douglas Crowe Dr, Shop 55, Ballito
Tel: +27 32 946 2876


Dominos - Ballito Take Aways

Delivery/carryout chain offering a wide range of pizza, plus chicken & other sides.

Address: Boulevard Shopping Centre, Jack Powell Rd, Boulevard Centre, Ballito
Tel: +27 32 586 1030


McDonalds - Ballito Take Aways

Big Mac Burgers & chips
Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers, fries & shakes.

Address: Ballito Dr & Moffat Dr, Dolphin Coast
Tel: +27 32 586 0884


Chicken Licken
Ballito Junction
032 586 1775


Seafood Specialist
Ballito Junction
032 586 1756


Mugg And Bean
Ballito Junction
032 586 1764

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