Here is a list of Dentists and Dental Practices in and around Ballito

Sanhall Dental Practice

Dentist Dr Thinus van Niekerk - Ballito Dentists

Sanhall Dental Practice

Sanhall Dental Practice (Ballito) is located within Sanhall Office Park (032) 946 3257.
Our Dental Practice welcomes all patients. Whether you are looking for a general dentist or for more advanced dental care, we will take care of you and your family's Dental Needs. Our services include Dental Implants, Orthodontics (Braces), Veneers, Crowns and Bridgework, treatment of periodontal Disease / Gum Disease, Oral Hygiene, Teeth Whitening and Gum Guards.

Our Dentists, Dr. Dalton Booyse, Dr. Yolandi Von Gericke and Dr. Lee-Anne McEwen have become well known dentists in Ballito.

We also have a caring Oral Hygienist, offering general oral hygiene and teeth whitening, Melinda Williams.

(032) 946 3257



Dentist Dr Thinus van Niekerk

Dentist Dr Thinus van Niekerk - Ballito Dentists

The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium

Dentist Dr Thinus van Niekerk
General Family Dentistry | Oral Hygiene | Orthodontics | Wisdom teeth | Fixed Dental Implants | Oral Surgery | Complete Rehabilitation | Facial Aesthetics | Botox® and Fillers | Smile Make-Overs | Teeth Whitening

Address: Suite29, San Hill Park, Kirsty Close, Ballito

Tel: 032 586 3284

Dentist Dr Tanya Singh

Dentist Dr Tanya Singh - Ballito Dentists

Dr Tanya Singh
General dentistry | Oral hygiene | Aesthetic dentistry | Teeth whitening | Crown and bridge work.

Address: Ballito Junction Shopping Centre, Shop F 8, Ballito Drive, Ballito
Tel: 032 946 1501

Dentist Dr. M Sparks

Dentist Dr. M Sparks - Ballito Dentists

Dr M Sparks
Dental Surgeon. Specialising in : Implants | Makeovers | Aesthetic Dentistry | Full Mouth Rehabilitation | Orthodontics

Address: Salmon Bay house, Sandra Road, Ballito

Tel: 032 9461955


Dentist Dr. Bradshaw

Dentist Dr. Bradshaw - Ballito Dentists

Dr Bradshaw

Dental Surgeon
Address: Shaka's Rock, Cnr Ocean Drive & Main Road, Ballito, 4399
Tel: +27 032 5259042 / 0824495939

Dentist Drs Loubser & Perold

Dentist Drs Loubser & Perold - Ballito Dentists

Drs Loubser and Perold

The practice is committed to providing quality dentistry services and is continually striving to maintain a high level of care and professionalism to all of it’s patients. Drs Loubser & Perold are passionate about what they do and are supported by a dedicated and professional team.

Address: The Well Medical & Dental centre, Kirsty Close, Ballito. Suite 2, Upper level.
Tel: 032 9461901
Fax: 032 9463533
Emergency Contact Numbers: Dr Loubser: 082 353 4670/ Dr Perold: 083 419 7040

Dentist Dr. Moodliar

Dentist Dr. Moodliar - Ballito Dentists

Dr Moschini Moodliar

Dental Surgen

Address: Shop 18 Ballito Boulevard 10 Jack Powell Road, Ballito.
Tel: +27 032 9463980

Dentist Dr Van Der Merwe

Dentist Dr Van Der Merwe - Ballito Dentists

Dr Anton van de Merwe

Address: Unit 5 Block 2 Rey's Office Park, Rey's Place, Ballito
Tel: +27 32 946 1312

Dentist Dr G Pillay

Dentist Dr Pillay - Ballito Dentists

Dr G Pillay


Address: Willow Park, 27 Jaqualine Drive, Ballito, 4399
Tel: +27 32 946 3263