Spudslist was created during a time of need. The South African Nationwide Lockdown stopped so many people from being able to earn an income. I created this site to help family & friends who needed a place to sell items they either made or purchased.

In order to ensure the site continues to get high traffic, we research high demand product niches and source products to meet that demand. Our core focus is and will always be to give South African businesses the opportunity to sell their products affordably.

To assist companies to get up and running we don’t charge any setup or monthly costs, we cover all platform, transaction & marketing costs. We will post regular social media adds to ensure products get nationwide visibility. We also facilitate the shipping and distribution of your product.

We like to ensure our customers get their orders as soon as possible, for this reason we require you to keep a minimum of 10 items in stock with us. This allows us to package and ship items the same day the order is placed.

We apply a small markup to cover our costs, so it’s important you give us your best wholesale price to ensure we can be competitive, maximising sales.

If you would like to sell your products online drop us an email info@spudslist.co.za

We would love to help in anyway we can.